Madaus & Lauscher GmbH at a glance
Some years ago we realized by cases in our own families the neglection of sarcopenia in the routine medical care of pre-geriatric and geriatric people. This was the starting point of our idea to establish a specialized company to research in the geriatric medicine focussing on physical and cognitive frailty, sarcopenia as well as mild cognitive impairement.
To mantain physical and cognitive mobility in elderly people is our main target. We are convinced that physical activity combined with an adaquate supply of food compounds could obtain quality of life on a high level in high age also.
Under our core brand FRAILEX we will offer a range of products, which contain the key ingredients to protect against frailty. Beside DHA, EPA, MCT (Ketone Body Donator), Proteins (BCAA), Creatine, and specific vitamines we focus on herbal compounds, which show
promising results in pre-clinical and clinical research.
Spinach (Ecdysteroides), Tumeric (Curcumin) and Camellia (Catechine) are the plants we are working on together with partners in Europe, Asia and Central America.
Beside our pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products we are developing training concepts (Frailex digitrainer), which are specially tailored on old and already handicaped people.
We are open for co-operation in research and marketing with research organizations, individual researchers and partner companies worldwide.
In case of interest please contact Dr. Thomas Lauscher
([email protected]).
We would be glad to hear from you.
Andreas Madaus and Thomas Lauscher